Who we are

We are a Czech non-profit organisation with 40 years of tradition and experience in developing and bringing novel modern methods of experiential learning to individuals, educators and lecturers. We take our name from “Lipnice”, the town where our first center base was built.

What we do?

We strive to help our participants develop a greater understanding of themselves, of others and of the community around them. We do this, through insight into the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self with the help of multi-day courses packed with games, creative workshops, activities, unusual experiences and human interactions.

What we believe in?

We believe that by getting to know oneself better, one can lead a happier and more responsible life and as a consequence one can have a positive impact on the world and society as a whole.

Our courses

Original PŠL courses were experimental workshops based on the Experiential Learning Method. Nowadays, we organize also methodical and custom-made courses for schools and non-profit organizations.

We are members of Outward Bound International

Since 1991, PŠL is a member of Outward Bound International (OBI). OBI is a non-profit, outdoor-education organization with approximately 40 schools around the world. OBI supports its members in providing safe, high quality programs that fulfill the mission of Outward Bound.

Experiential Learning Method

By Experiential Learning, PŠL means educational processes that induce experiential situations, then proceed to a debrief and subsequent reflection, from which participants gain experience which is transferrable into real life.

Goals of such educational processes can be set up and reached in various types of environments (academic as well as extracurricular, natural and cultural), in various social groups (differentiated by age, social status, professional rank and/or other demographic factors) and accomplished by various means (games of all kinds, model situations, creative and dramatic workshops, talks and discussions, physically as well as mentally demanding challenges, and activities leading to increased self-awareness).

For Experiential Learning, the experience is always just a means to learn; never the goal itself. The goal remains the ancient Greek educational ideal – universal personality development aiming at harmony of body, spirit and soul.